The basis of our trade is our Code of Ethics

The network partners (Network taker, employer) the job agency Europa all its social and economic responsibility are aware. From this responsibility for employees and companies in the Code of Ethics has been created. managers inspecting electricity power plantModern Staffing Services in Europe contribute significantly to the creation and securing of jobs and a higher competitiveness and flexibility of companies in Europe. Personal service is a modern and contemporary answer to the challenge of international and cross-border working economy. Modern Staffing Services connects one hand, the urgent need for economic and labor market flexibility on the other hand, the need of workers for a reputable employment. Seriousness, Fairness, Reliability, Respect and trust are Human values ​​for dealing with applicants, Employees, Customers and colleagues. The appreciation of our employees is our key concern.

We are committed to ethical standards, viewed from the European people- derived and civil rights. Significant Guidelines on human rights, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950 and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union 2000. A fair and trustworthy, a respectful and based on appreciation treatment of employees and applicants, of customers and competitors is the default for our actions.
Our code of ethics is a sustainable quality assurance on the statutory provisions of the EU- Home country also. In the contest for the auxiliary- and specialists and skillful hands make HR services clearly, them that the fair treatment of applicants, Employees, Customers and competitors is very important.