Candidate profile in the job agency Europa publish - reach Free prospective employers in Europe.

We are convinced of our philosophy and our staff services and can give you a guarantee applicants.

We combine in Europe: Job seekers and employers
Our Guarantee includes candidates:

European Finder Warranty
We publish your application in an anonymous form in our European pool of applicants (without their address data). In order to achieve maximum international employers access. Usually you will find by potential employers in all EU countries much faster.

Quality Guarantee
We treat your application always carefully and see them as your personal calling card. We place your ad by the rules of a successful marketing.

Aktualisierungs Guarantee
Your application will be updated by us according to your specifications when required.

Good accessibility in Europe
Applications in our pool of applicants every day at least 23 Hours 364 To achieve days a year legible. The broad impact, also by our network partners guarantee good results.

Nachhaftungs Guarantee
Once you have found your new employer and set him, begins their 6-month trial period. As your responsible personnel service we guarantee, if you should not pass their probation period, We will publish your application again in our applicant pool for free.

Returns - Warranty
We guarantee, that all the above described and guarantees we provide free of charge.