For professionals

One of the most important decision in life is the choice of profession. The best way to make it, is to inquire in advance already on the various professions and their training content and then determines their professional ambitions.

The first course is set, School, Teaching or study is completed or nearing the end, Now comes the question on: "And then?»Congratulations, if you have a seamless transition and know exactly, how it goes. Otherwise, a location determination is worth. In many cases, already show the personal preconditions, the opportunities for further professional step are open or are desirable. This can then be used specifically in the job search.

A location determination is nothing more than an inventory of strengths and weaknesses. Sure you have the training in head, you know their likes and dislikes, estimates the personal and family circumstances, a properly. Nevertheless, a systematic approach is recommended. Best, Write times all points on a sheet of paper.
These include, inter alia,:

  • Training
  • Linguistic proficiency
  • Professional and vocational experience
  • Recreational Engagements
  • Personal characteristics, Values, Ideology
  • Personal and family circumstances
  • Expectations of future work activity

Very useful is also an appointment with the profession- or Student Advisory. Especially if one is uncertain, which career really suits a, can be with their knowledge of great help. They show their customers not only possible profession Spawn, but they also assist in career guidance.