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Europe and its society are becoming increasingly global. We move and work as a matter of course in other countries with other cultures, Traditions and so some distance between countries seem to be getting smaller at least in Europe. Due to the growing together in Europe, gain intercultural skills, Vocational training and language skills rapidly to enormous importance
Full and meaningful application documents are therefore essential prerequisites to apply for a job in Europe. A good and understandable constructed based, which your qualifications, Experiences, Documented knowledge and motivation makes sense and in a comprehensible form.
The application documents of Euro Job passport with euro job CV, Eurojobsprachqualifikation, Euro Job witness statement and Euro job mobility offer this. They are the crucial foundations, for each application, especially due to the increasingly growing together countries in Europe. Europe is changing. The euro job pass opens doors in Europe to live, Learning and working. He offers, useful to exploit the opportunities of a united Europe. With the various original documents, it allows them, In the in- to document and experience gained abroad and represent. In one form, which is understood throughout Europe and comparable.
In this way the euro job pass creates a clear overall picture of your school, Higher Education- and vocational qualifications and other learning- and work experience, Skills and competencies and that in a structured and transparent representation. The Euro Job Pass provides all the essential information in a document.

The Euro Job Pass provides the basis for a job in Europe

The euro job CV
The training, Requirements, Knowledge and expectations of a workplace are in different countries in Europe varies. So there is in Germany a different Professional training system than in the other countries. In individual cases, there can be huge differences. This complicates the comparison of different documents vocational qualifications). The Euro CV allows you a clear, to create uniform and clear and correct resume and represent meaningful and comparable your own profile and understandable, standardized for Europe.
The euro job language qualification
Language as an access key in Europe
• languages ​​form our consciousness
• Languages ​​produce resonance,
• Language transported our attitude. Hearing, read or speak are features for their language skills and guarantee them a secure communication with other cultures.
But how good are your language skills?
Language skills and intercultural competencies vary from person to person. The Euro language skills can help you, yourself and assess your language skills in key situations correctly. For this purpose, a European reference framework was in addition to classification you should also always, Where, how and with what launcher you have gained your knowledge: whether at a university, a language school or as part of another work and training period. Be training content from country to country very different. Thus, a comparison is possible, there is the Euro Job witness statement. They describe the country-specific sectors and areas of activity. They complement a skilled worker degree or other professional degree certificate.

The euro job mobility document
It is thus a "door opener" for learning and working in Europe and a big plus in your application - whether domestically or abroad. You benefit as owner / in the document as well as their future employer. Entertain yourself with the decision of the staff- and departments, and you take a picture of your future colleagues, with whom you work later. We bring you close to it ran! Even closer you come to them only, if you go into the company! For all candidate target groups beyond the Job Guides deliver more detailed information about the specific recruitment needs this year as well as the contact person and contact. In addition, have experienced and nationally renowned experts in a nutshell the most important thing on the subject application, Career choice, Career Development, Salary and work together. The direct speech offers not only high quality Courses, but also personal and competent customer support, during and after your vacation voice. Our customers can confirm, we offer cheap Courses at a very good price-performance ratio. We work with a few, very carefully selected, family-run language schools together. This allows us, negotiate the best possible prices and offer you a corresponding your wishes Language.
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• How the Euro job mobility document contributes, dismantle the barriers to living and working in Europe and the development promotes one's self-awareness.
• Mobility plays a central role in the European labor market. The Euro Job Mobility document are the learning experiences abroad regardless of the type, Level and aim again.
• you are qualified by your education.
• The Euro Job witness statement provides information on the duration, Type and level of training, a brief description of the knowledge and skills, you through your training
• Employers, Recognition bodies or educational institutions abroad can get on this basis a better picture and a deeper knowledge of country-specific standards in the various occupations.
• Standards for the respective occupations in Europe. These are not personal.
• Europe is Diverse, in the culture, Mentality but also in vocational training. Not every professional qualification has been made in the home country is therefore comparable to the financial statements in other European countries.
• The Euro Job witness statement
• And perhaps the Euro Language Passport is for you even a motivation, to deepen their own language skills and to gain new intercultural learning experiences.
• for languages ​​developed, the six different levels pretends. So you can create your own hearing- and reading comprehension, Classify your language and interaction property and your writing skills even.
• Assess their language skills even
• The Euro job language qualification shows, how well you know a language.