New virtual learning offer from the German specialist agency!

In the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemics, many people and job seekers are unable to continue- or attend further training.
The language schools are closed until further notice. (April 2020)
The health of you and the other language students is paramount and must be protected. In order not to delay your professional career, we offer you virtual German language courses through the language academy of the German Agency for Specialists.
This will prevent you, negative impact on your personal and professional development.
Qualify and educate yourself and be protected from infection with Covid-19 in your own home.
All language courses are free of charge for students with training or studies as nurses. Also for them, who want to switch to our language academy.

We will soon begin virtual German language courses across countries in the following countries:
– Albania
– Ukraine
– Kosovo
– If
– Macedonia

If you are interested in a virtual German language course, then please send us a message at:

We are looking forward to your message
Many thanks, all the best and stay healthy