The interview

During the interview the HR decision-makers of the company's reviewed on the basis of your statements, Their behavior and the application documents submitted to him, whether you meet the requirements of the advertised job. Desweitern you receive additional information about the job and the prospective employer.

If you have a job interview with the company, we must congratulate them, You may imagine, now you have the chance to as well as possible Present (sell), to show, who you are - and what you can. Convince you are the HR decision-makers but only, if you prepare reputable and represent.

During the interview, you must learn to know personally and convince the staff Dent Scheider Company, that you are fit because their professional qualifications and experience in the company. One of the most important prerequisites: Present yourself, just as you are, Do not change yourself. Are also important : Punctuality, maintained, serious and custom appearance. They are nervous? Do not be afraid. A too high level of self-conscious occurrence namely acts quickly arrogant. Remember: You are offering your own work force and can assist the company with your skills. To remain confident enough.

Even if you want to Present at the interview well want to convince the HR decision-makers, that you are / the man for the job, stay on the ground, You do not lie.

During the interview deals with the following points:

  • Specialized Skills
    Professional Qualifications, Further education, Practical experience
  • Interpersonal Relations
    Contact behavior, Team skills, Integration, Cooperation, Conviction)
  • Intellectual aspects
    (Communication skills, Problem identification and analysis, Stresstoleranz)
  • Work style
    (Organization, Care, Time, Initiative, Decisiveness)
  • Presentation
    (Flexibility, Creativity, Occurrence)

A job interview is always a dialogue conversation. Please answer not only questions of personnel decision-maker, but you also questions. Are interesting questions about the company, to which you have found on the homepage replies. If you do not understand something, that you think is important, or missing something, ask for.

The interview not only provides the HR decision-makers the opportunity, Get to know you better. Rather, the applicant should take the opportunity, to learn more about the future workplace and employers in experience.
These include the following points:

  1. Future task, Activities, Responsibility, Competencies
  2. Why is this place is newly occupied
  3. Expectations of the new employee
  4. On,- organizational charts and flow of the company, Classification of the site
  5. Management style, Corporate Philosophy
  6. Wages and allowances
  7. Social
  8. Working hours, Holiday, Travel activity
  9. Fort,- and training opportunities
  10. Development opportunities