Current projects in the IT sector


Computer scientists in the fields of:
Hardware and software
Project: 16/01 Albania

Projekttitel :
Computer scientists in the areas of hardware and software
Projektnummer: 16/01
Project content and objectives: The candidates from Albania,
all have a degree in computer science with end
and work experience.
German and English language skills in speaking
and written by B2
Projektstart: 1. October 2019
Visa application on the Blue Card
at the German Embassy in Tirana.
Estimated start of employment:
by arrangement
project participants: partners Albania & Jobagentur Europe
Estimated disabilities / delays / Risks:
Work permit (Blue card)
by German Embassy in Tirana.
Number of standing to available candidates:
15 – 20 candidates
Professional qualifications of the candidates:
Degree in computer science in Albania
Accommodation for candidates:
Support from the employer in
Search for accommodation
project Manager:
Herr Rudolf Sagner