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Nursing assistants / inside from Kosovo to Germany

learn in school German School Kosovo 16 Studied nursing professionals the German language. They are in the spring 2020 die deutsche Anerkennung als Krankenpflegehelfer/in erhalten und werden dann mit Ihren deutschen Sprachkenntnissen von B1 in deutschen Kliniken und Pflegeheimen ihre Arbeit aufnehmen. Viel Erfolg beim erlernen der deutschen Sprache und alles Gute Euer Rudolf Sagner Jobagentur

Trainees for the health- and nursing of Madagascar for 2020

Since early October 2019 lernen drei Krankenschwester mit Ihrer Sprachlehrerin aus Madagascar die deutsche Sprache, to autumn 2020 re-training for health- und Krankenpflegerin in Deutschland zu beginnen. Until the start of training all German language skills from B2 language certificate must. Viel Erfolg und alles Gute für die Ausbildung in Deutschland Euer Rudolf Sagner

Nurses from the Philippines

Midel woman and woman Brina, Nurses from the Philippines have managed. You have within 7 Months, the German language (B2 with language certificate) learned. in BRK- House in Fussen, you now have a great professional future. Wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute in Deutschland und Herzlich Willkommen.

Job agency Europa terminated cooperation with Fa. Opportunity in Tirana

The job agency Europa finished working with Opportunity. Rudolf has Sagner owner of the job agency Europa cooperation with the company. Opportunity dismissed Mr. Fisnik Latifi with immediate effect. The business objectives of Mr. Latifi are no longer compatible with the code of ethics of the job agency Europa. Alle Verträge mit Krankenpflegefachkräften die mit Herrn Sagner von der Jobagentur

Professionals take unskilled

Head of the employment agency in Germany wants strict immigration law The forthcoming immigration law is intended by the will of Detlef Scheele (Head of the Federal Labor Agency) follow strict rules: Immigration willing are already put, among other things abroad a German test. The head of the Federal Labor Agency, Detlef Scheele, calls for strict rules for the Immigration Bill. “The policy should at…

if in need of care, Members and agents perpetrators or!

an entrepreneur, from the district of Gunzburg in Bavaria, mediated support forces, mostly from the Eastern European countries for the round-the-clock care for dependent people in their home environment. Not only the need of care or their family members but also the mediator made themselves punishable by black working nurses. since 2013 determined the Staatsa…nwalt the district court Augsburg…

In human resources for health is greatest!

In Germany there are different sectors in the economy, where companies are urgently looking for professionals. “The five economic experts” (Experts for the investigation of the overall economic development in Germany) in its latest report to a conclusion, that in Germany in 2017 there is no more land nationwide shortage of skilled workers, However, with one exception. In the healthcare system. therefore demand…

“We need more foreign professionals”

This says the head of the German Federation Employment Agency in an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk Detlef Scheele. The professionals market is almost swept empty and there is no evidence, that the recovery could falter in the German labor market. The economic situation has improved in many EU countries and therefore takes the interest…

Good candidates from Albania

In my last lecture series from 2.10.2017 – 07.10.2017 in 8 different cities in Albania I met many motivated candidates. Overall, I could over 1400 welcoming guests, you about Germany and their work- and to inform training opportunities. the subjects recognition of professional qualifications as well as the procedure for a work permit were very interesting.…

Temporary work in Poland - Tighter regulation of temporary work for 1. June 2017

The Polish parliament on 7. April 2017 adopted a comprehensive change in the law in the field of temporary work. The aim of stringent regulations to improve the employment conditions should be especially. Temporary work in Poland is a rapidly growing industry. Thus, at present about 800.000 Temporary workers in more than 6.000 lenders (agencies) employed. What as a means of…