an entrepreneur, from the district of Gunzburg in Bavaria, mediated support forces, mostly from the Eastern European countries for the round-the-clock care for dependent people in their home environment. Not only the need of care or their family members but also the mediator made themselves punishable by black working nurses.
since 2013 determined the Staatsanwalt of the district court Augsburg against the patient or their relatives (as a representative of care) and the criminal intermediaries. Overall, the intermediaries were, at 2217 proven cases of aid for social security fraud and the mass mediation of black working nurses. He was the district court Augsburg on 16.11.2017 to a 3- sentenced years in prison without parole.
He conceded by the Pflegbedürftigen or their family members on a monthly basis a so-called "tax package" in the amount of 88 Euro and a placement fee of 200 Euro. In his leaflet for Pflegbedürftigen he had indeed given the note in small print, that the nurses must be registered under the employer model, but this is not discussed verbally with the patient.
Thus, from the victim at the same time an offender. The social security funds caused losses totaling 2,7 Million Euros. this sum, have the patient or their family or their heirs, pay back to the social security funds.
However, these are not isolated cases in Germany. Of care or their relatives want a black working caregiver, to save money and that will not diminish their inheritance. They exploit the forces, demanding long hours and bypass the statutory minimum wage. The nurses do not have sick- and pensions, No casualty or leave entitlements.

So, my compassion for the patient keeps, their families and the agent in limits. The ignorance escape sanctions not.

To save costs for the round-the-clock care, Care workers from non-EU countries en masse in northern Germany employs black.
They work without a work permit and the patient make therefore punishable.
But this is the patient care, Mainly the supply is cheap.
Here the customs is in demand. The agency runs over the Internet and the mediators themselves come from non-EU countries. Thus, the tourist visa of the citizens of the Balkans e.g.. abused from Serbia or Albania.
Offenders are concerned the mediators and a care black.

Rudolf Sagner