care 4.0
Industry 4.0 future digital revolution will change much. Old disappear. Industry 4.0 challenges the social market economy. Can this go on and this results in a new economic- and social model? (economic miracle?) How does this change our social care?

The future digitization should allow for the whole society, you results-oriented.

It is then no matter, whether working three days, a half-day or seven, if he or she is sitting in Italy, Germany or in another country. It always go just about, that the result is right, that this, what you have agreed with each other, must be reached. What does this mean for the medical and nursing care of an aging society in our Germany? supplies are sick and needy people of robots? Who communicates with people suffering from dementia, are you human closeness and intercession. Badet you and change their diapers. Have I then for my care, an individually, programmed to my needs robots! This idea spreads my fears and not only me. Who should and can then provide our sick and in need of care in the future.

Next year, 2017 the Pflegergänzungsgesetz is implemented. This overdue law benefits not only for the classification in the new "Care Grade" (especially for people with dementia) but also more money for dependents and people with dementia in our country. 1, 4 billion euro, per year, provide the care funds at disposal. Care is a service and is provided by "People for People". Alone by the 1,4 billion euro, for the care of our sick people, We also need ca. 500.000 Case assistant- and nurses. Where To Get Them? Maintain not everyone can, even if we do want to persuade our politicians. Nurses need good social skills and a lot of empathy. Invest and we win so, in socially competent people, for their education in a nursing professions and recognize their commitment to the dependent people in our society more.

Rudolf Sagner