German language

To be in Germany to "life and work" You must have sufficient German language skills.

These languages ​​are also partially dependent on their work and the professional recognition procedure in Germany, they have acquired in their home country professional training or studying.

Which German language skills do I need in Germany?

To participate in Germany to integrate and alive, are German language skills of at least A1 according to the guidelines of the European Sprachkom-petenzstufen required, but would be better German language skills of B1.

Required German language skills for the practice of their profession!

The required German language skills for professional practice in Germany, depend on the employer and the requirements of the specifications by the professional recognition procedure in Germany.

The required German language skills for regulated professions?

For the regulated professions (z.B. doctors, therapists, Nurses / pfleger, etc.)
are the German language between B1 and C1 in part with voice certificate required.

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