Nursing homes do not pay the minimum wage to foreign carers!

The minimum care wage in Germany applies to all caregivers and nursing assistants who work in German in nursing homes or outpatient care facilities. It is currently € 11.35 in the old federal states and € 10.85 in the new federal states. (also for foreign nursing assistants.
But a lot of nursing homes hold out, partially conscious or try to circumvent it, not to legal requirements.

The institutions conclude an employment contract with the foreign nursing assistants, most of the time 5-6 have a year of study with a master’s degree in nursing.
The working time is always given with the weekly working hours. Earnings agreed with a monthly gross wage. It is therefore not possible for foreign employees, Determine your gross hourly wages, because you are not familiar with the German system.

I would like to present you a current case from a foreign nursing student who has been working in a private inpatient care facility in Berlin as a nursing assistant with an employment contract 2019 is working. The facility is also a member of the Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services e.V..


– Employee has a proven foreign degree with a degree
– German language certificate B2
– Weekly working hours according to the existing employment contract 42 Hours
– Gross monthly earnings € 2011,00 according to the present employment contract
– No increase in gross monthly wages from 2019 to 2020

Calculation of gross hourly wages:

Monthly hours worked

42 weekly working hours x 4,33 = 181,86 Hours a month
Gross hourly wages:

Gross monthly wages of € 2011,00 : 181,86 Hours worked per month = € 11,05
In comparison to the statutory minimum care wage, the employee is missing per working hour
€ 0,30.
This is after mine 30 years of social experience,- and health care is not an isolated case.

Therefore, check your employment contract and your pay slips. Do not get paid according to the minimum wage, you can also request this.

All the best and stay healthy.